MLS® Laser Therapy

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MLS® Laser Therapy

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MLS® Laser Therapy

What is MLS® Laser therapy?

MLS® stands for Multiwave Locked System. It is the most advanced laser treatment method available to decrease pain, alleviate inflammation and accelerate healing in damaged tissues. It offers an alternative to injections and other more invasive treatments on top of being used in complement to post-surgery rehabilitation.

How does the laser work?

The MLS® laser therapy is a class IV laser. It uses a patented combination of 2 specific wave lengths acting in a simultaneous and synchronized manner. The 808 wavelength treats inflammation and is long lasting. The 905 wavelength produces a quick analgesic effect. Together, they provide a safe and efficient therapeutic action.

The treatment boosts the oxygen exchanges and the elimination of toxins while reactivating the cells and stimulating blood microcirculation. This innovating technology efficiently relieves chronic pain and reboots the natural healing process.

How does the treatment take place?

The patient is comfortably sitting or lying down on a table. The laser head is positioned in a way to orient the light beam on the zone to be treated for a few minutes (10-15 minutes). The sessions are pain-free for the patient and do not require any anesthesia, sedation, or immobilization.

How many sessions are necessary?

The recommended number of sessions (6 to 12) varies depending on the condition treated and the severity of the affection. The cumulative effect of the MLS® therapy is optimized by closer sessions. The majority of patients observe an improvement after 3 sessions.

Which pathologies can be treated?

The MLS® therapy can be used as a primary treatment option or to accelerate the healing following a surgical intervention, often jointly with a rehabilitation care. There are many varied conditions which can benefit from the MLS® laser therapy:

  • Pain related to arthritis and arthrosis
  • Muscle pains
  • Hand, wrist, and elbow tendinitis
  • Ligament injuries

What are the benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy?

There are many benefits to MLS laser therapy, and they go beyond the healing capacity.

  • Non-invasive and pain-free treatment
  • Efficient inflammation and pain relief
  • Articular flexibility improvement
  • No side effects
  • No medicine or injections
  • Quick results

Are there any risks?

The laser can penetrate up to 6 cm deep and does not emit any heat. There are no known harmful effects. The infrared lasers have been used for their therapeutic effect, all around the world, for close to 40 years. More than 3,000 clinical studies and laboratory studies have already been published to demonstrate the efficiency and safety of lasers to treat musculoskeletal lesions.

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